Probably all good and successful things happen unexpectedly and unintentionally. As they say, you need to find yourself at the right moment in the right place. Only then do you begin to remember and understand how it looks from the outside and how the story has evolved from one simple idea or word.
The idea of creating CoffeeStory had matured and developed for about 3 years. One of the highlights was the search for employees at the main restaurant position – the bar and kitchen. To realize all the ideas of the founder and the main parent of the company, we needed people who knew their business very well.
Aside from classical dishes and beverages, which are known throughout the world, 80% of all the CoffeeStory menu is creative cuisine. All Crap`s and coffee drinks were created within the walls of this establishment by the hands of skilled chefs and baristas. An important tool for our success is a team that from the very first days rallied and went into a lengthy process of designing a menu that can now be considered undeniably impressive and unique.
The main objective of the whole CoffeeStory team lay in the fact to competently convey the art of preparing coffee and coffee drinks that will be loved at once and delicious dishes which will be available to everyone. The most important question that we had to decide was to give the name to the cafe. We felt that the name should be beautiful, original and should most importantly convey the essence and truth to affect everyone.
At one of the meetings, the founder was present with his five-year-old son, who noticed that his father was in low spirits. The boy slowly walked up to his father and asked quietly:
Dad, what has happened? Did you get into the story?
The father looked proudly at his son, smiled and said: “CoffeeStory” will be the name of our establishment.
On June 22, 2014, «CoffeeStory» opened its doors to visitors, who began to write our history together with us. Each piece of furniture, every little thing in our café has its own interesting story, which is directly associated with our guests. The task of creating a place where people of different professions, ages and preferences can feel themselves a part of our story and truly at home, had been carried out successfully.
Shortly after the opening, CoffeeStory introduced to visitors children's room, where our guests could leave their children playing and having fun under the supervision of fully qualified child-minders and instructors. The main goal of child-minders was loving and caring for every child, regardless of age and interests. In our own example, we say with confidence that children are our everything, they are our future.
CoffeeStory mission - it is not just words on a piece of paper. These are our principles and norms of behaviour that determine the nature of how we are running our business day by day.

CoffeeStory mission.

CoffeeStory approve the positions of the main supplier of high-quality coffee in the region, maintaining as far as growth and development of our uncompromising commitment to principles. Outlined below basic and guiding principles help us weigh the adequacy of the decisions taken:


  •  Provide excellent work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.
  •  Positively perceive diversity, which is an integral part of our business
  •  Apply the highest and most advanced standards in the procurement and supplying and roasting of coffee for our visitors
  •  Work with enthusiasm, bringing pleasure to visitors
  •  Understand and recognize that profitability is the basis for our future prosperity.